The Scottish Independence Podcast 39 – Anne Donohoe

c3f17f631363def949a50e4450d8da88For the 39th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke to Anne Donohoe, who, amongst other things is a Yes Scotland activist.

The interesting thing though, is that she didn’t start as an independence supporter but rather came to the conclusion that indy would be best after a long number of years working in various political campaigns around the country, and coming to some pretty damning conclusions about the nature of the British state.

She has also been a member of CND for a long time, and we talked about the decision of that organisation to join the Yes Scotland group.

More recently she’s been working as a tour guide and I asked her what visitors to Scotland know and are thinking about the referendum.

Finally, we talked about how the Glorious Revolution probably wasn’t so glorious after all.

Hope you enjoy…

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