A Big Pile Of Number 2

Sorry for the somewhat childish title but it’s a childish title for a childish discussion.

First though, let’s look at the dictionary definition of wrong, numbers 2 and 3 in particular…

WrongI’d like to be the first to thank Channel 5 for providing a big pile of number 2, in all senses, in the following debate.

It’s bone-crunchingly wrong in every single department.

Probably the best advert for Indy I’ve ever seen.


  1. won’t someone think of the children! Make all 15 year olds watch this 🙂 Well apparently Channel 5 have and pulled this classic from YouTube. Very sad that media types don’t understand how internet works. Sad the people on this show are for many reasons but the sheer ignorance from breathing adults is one of the saddest things.

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