Blame Canada

It’s a given now that any time any particular political party launches a new poster, it’ll be photoshopped to death within hours (guilty as charged).

It might be becoming a form of campaigning that has had its day.

Maybe, who knows?

However, another thing in politics you shouldn’t be doing in this age where information travels so fast is making the EXACT same speech as someone else on a serious issue.

At the time of the Iraq War two identical speeches were made by two politicians on opposite sides of the world.

How could such a thing happen? You might almost think some intermediary or other had given them the text.

Here they are…

However, if conspiracy alarm bells are ringing, and there is certainly a prima facie case to be made there, another possibility could just be that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a very lazy fellow indeed.

Here he is doing it again with former Ontario Premier Mike Harris…

Apparently he copied from that speech further at another time.

Furthermore, he seems to like copying Tea Party candidate adverts as well…

Aside from the fact he is another neoliberal to the bone austerity prime minister, he isn’t even able to come up with his own sh*te.

It’s amazing how these people are still able to get voted in, it really is.


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