The Beebie-Jeebies

listHeebie-jeebies or heebie jeebies: American English idiom used to describe depression or anxiety.

Beebie-jeebies: The feeling some people are likely to get after reading BBC coverage of the Scottish Independence Referendum, most noticeably a sense of feeling warned.

A while ago I wrote a comedy article in which I made fun of the BBC for inserting the word “warning” in all their stories about independence.

I wasn’t actually the first to do this, former UK ambassador Craig Murray read out a list of titles from the BBC coverage of the referendum which all contained the word, BBC Scotlandshire has been making fun of it for a while and the Scottish-American site Scotland-US published the list I have put in the image.

But those are only in the titles.

A little further investigation seems to show that is almost mandatory to have that word in there, whether the story is essentially positive or not.

Allow me to demonstrate…

The story Independence ‘Could Spark Jobs Boom’ contains…1

The story Scottish independence: Swinney on opportunities of voting ‘Yes’ contains


Scottish independence: Salmond on ‘blueprint for a better Scotland’ contains 3

Row over UK warships work on Clyde post-referendum4

Scottish independence: Questions raised over oil fund


So my question is this…

Does this reporting give you the Beebie-Jeebies or have you just stopped listening?



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