Disaster For Yes Camp As Scotland Named Best Travel Destination

Scotland was recently named as the top travel destination in the world for 2013 by CNN.

The article cited Scotland’s “dramatic countryside” and “misty highlands” as reasons to visit.

A Better Together spokesman said that this was bad news for the Yes camp as…

Studies have shown that Scottish mountains and scenery would disappear in an independent Scotland. Everyone know that mountains erode over time. This volatility in the having mountains and scenery sector shows that an independent Scotland would not be able to guarantee the existence of its mountains and lakes and things.

 Going by geological time, an independent Scotland could not rely on having its mountains in about 300 million years in the future.  We also can’t be sure that geological timescales would stay the same in an independent Scotland, so it might happen faster.

Only by pooling its resources with the UK could Scotland keep its mountains and lakes.

When asked how that would work, given that the largest mountains and lakes in the UK are all actually in Scotland, the spokesman said…

I’m not interested in that. The mountains that seem to be there at the moment are only an SNP front anyway.

When pressed that this seemed to contradict his previous statement on the mountains, the spokesman said…

I don’t care, just focus on whichever one seems more plausible to you and reprint that one please.

The BBC said it was a warning of some sort.

John Curtice was available for comment.



  1. Yesterday’s IFFS report (in this case the I=aye) also said that by their 50 year forecast there will be no mountains in Scotland and that due to global warming all the lochs will have dried up. They have taken this into consideration and factored this into the predictions. The only way this can be reversed is by staying in the union. Don’t ask why, just vote no and be quiet.

    Also in their wonderful 50 year forecast they predict that if Scotland votes no, JoLa will not, repeat not be the First Minister of Scotland as there will be no Scottish Government due to it being scrapped and all powers returned to Westminster in 2016.

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