Butefully Damning

2934721754The following is one of the most negative stories for (not by) Better Together that I have seen anywhere so far.

Strangely it is in a Johnstone Press publication, that’s the same people that bring you the Scotsman, The Buteman.

I’ll give you some of the edited highlights, underlining is mine…

Attempts to set up a ‘Better Together’ campaign group on Bute ahead of next year’s referendum on Scottish independence have got off to a rather stumbling start this week.

A meeting at the Pavilion cafe in Rothesay on Wednesday afternoon was attended by just 14 people – barely half of them resident on Bute.

Not a great start you’d think but it continues…

And when we asked, towards the end of the gathering, how many in the room would regard themselves as firm Better Together supporters, only five hands went up – and only two of those belonged to people living on the island.

Among the five was Argyll and Bute’s Liberal Democrat MP Alan Reid, who spent much of the 90-minute meeting fielding questions from a small number of audience members – not on the mechanics of setting up a Better Together campaign on Bute, but on why they, and voters in general, should choose to stay part of the UK in next September’s independence referendum.

Those questioners almost all said they has misunderstood the purpose of the meeting, believing it to be a chance to put questions about the referendum, and the issues surrounding it, to the Better Together campaign itself.

The understatement of the week went to Tory council candidate Peter Wallace who said…

“unfortunately we did not seem to maximise our reach to the intended audience at this afternoon’s event!”.

I wonder how many more of the Better Together meetings are like that?



  1. It’s almost impossible to write a comment without being overcome by schadenfreude. “unfortunately we did not seem to maximise our reach to the intended audience at this afternoon’s event!”. = Shit we blew it, we are complete incompetents.

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