Banal Retentive – 1 – Alistair Carmichael

-home-panew-uk_news 1-1Welcome to the beginning of a new series.

The Banal Retentive series will give quotes from those giving the most spurious reasons against Scottish Independence and in favour of retaining the union.

The purpose of this series is to show that although this debate is a highly serious matter, some politicians and opinion leaders, going by these quotes, either don’t think on a very deep level or don’t think serious arguments are needed to convince you.

The first in the series comes from new Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael, who said this

If Wimbledon is something that happens in a foreign country, will you feel the same connection?



  1. I’ve always wondered, do these plonkers actually know that they are plonkers? Do they have any self awareness, or is money everything?

  2. Alistair, if you were Sec.of State in an Independent Scotland (heaven forbid) would you feel the same connection?
    If you can’t answer with an unequivocal YES, you are frankly making a mockery of your position.

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