The Scottish Independence Podcast 37 – Mark MacNicol

MN at NWFor the 37th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast I was joined by Mark MacNicol, a Glaswegian novelist and playwright, who assures me his new book, Finn McCool Rises, has more than a little to do with the Independence Referendum.

We talked about his new book and the mythology behind it – and why he wasn’t allowed to make it free.

We also got on to how it can be difficult for Scottish writers in the current climate and Mark was happy to give a concrete example.

Mark gave his reasons for supporting independence and also talked about some of the benefits he hopes it will bring to the Scottish people.

Hope you enjoy…

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  2. Isn’t Mark McNichol a vanity published illiterate? How did you managed to get gulled by him and his empty boasting. I do hope an independent Scotland does its homework in future

    1. Mark McNicol demonstrates the importance of self promotion. Indeed, lots of people know of him.
      He also demonstrates the need for actual talent – eventually you realise that he actually has very little.

      I almost worked with him once. He invited me out for a drink to chat about it. We met, we talked, or rather he talked about himself for an hour as we drove around – on this quest to go for a drink.
      He had a strange frantic gleam in his eye. I actualy thought I may end up in a shallow grave. Eventually we ended up in a Morrisons cafeteria – I had to force the question of what work he wanted me to do. I declined. Really strange man.

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