Yes We ConeWonderful to see a short campaign have such a good effect.

Almost as soon as it became public, Glasgow City Council’s plan to raise the plinth on which the beconed bonce of the Duke of Wellington sits was pilloried to death.

Some seem to find the whole affair embarrassing but I think there may be a bit of snobbery involved in the distaste to the campaign.

Not too long ago an art exhibition used an altered image of the statue with the cone as its flier. No doubt some people found it edgy and interesting when it was used in that way. When normal people now stick up for it, apparently it becomes infantile.

Instead, I find the actions of the council embarrassing and they are what should be the focus here.

The whole thing raised a few important questions.

  1. A figure of £100 to remove the cone every time someone puts one up there was mentioned. How was this figure arrived at?
  2. How much did the consultation exercise about carrying out the work cost?
  3. Why didn’t it occur to them that IF it costs so much to remove it every time, why not just leave it there and stop removing it every time and save that money too? People do seem to like it after all.
  4. Why did no one at the council seem to realise that this has become quite an iconic thing for the city?
  5. Why spend 65 or 69 grand (depending on the report) on this when there are quite clearly better things to be spending it on?

I think the whole storm in a teacup is also an indicator that the priorities that some politicians have, and those of the public, are radically different.



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