We Wouldn’t Get The BBC – Part 1

On the map below, the United Kingdom has been specially removed (or separated) in order to show which countries around the world that are not part of the UK, give or take one or two, are able to get the BBC. Double click to enlarge the map…

Parts 2 and 3 later today…




  1. As part of the Belfast Agreement of 1998 the British government committed itself to facilitating full coverage by TG4 and RTÉ, the Irish public broadcasting channels, across the north-east of Ireland. This was further ratified in February 2010 by a binding memorandum of understanding between the governments of Ireland and Britain. The British state now pays to provide Irish TV channels in the North.

    Meanwhile the BBC, ITV, Ch4 and Five channels are freely available in this part of Ireland through cable, satellite and digital transmissions. And RTÉ and TG4 channels can be seen in parts of Britain by similar methods of transmission.

    Why would reciprocal agreements not exist between the states of Scotland and the English UK covering broadcasting? Why would Scottish TV transmitters and satellite dishes be unable to pick up BBC and ITV channels? Would a giant dome be lowered over an independent Scotland by the London authorities?

    The whole BBC thing is such an infantile argument for not voting Yes. They really are desperate for reasons to maintain the so-called “Union”.

  2. Forgive my stupidity, but what exactly are we looking at here? Would I be correct in assuming that green means more or less full BBC coverage, with yellow and red being a bit of BBC and little or no BBC?

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