Flamingly Hypocritical

I noticed this in the Daily Mail yesterday (link doesn’t go to their site). The bold is mine.

England has ill-treated Scots for 800 years, says Archbishop: Justin Welby risks inflaming independence debate with comment

The Archbishop of Canterbury has risked inflaming the debate over Scottish independence by saying the English had mistreated the Scots for centuries.

Allow me to present some screen grabs of some stories by Mail columnists that in no way risked “inflaming the debate”…





Highland Clearances







  1. Of course the Archbishop risked inflaming the debate. He did after all say the ill feeling may well be the cause of the English. How very dare he! Everyone knows it’s those rude jocks whots the problem init.

  2. Mmm. I’m thinking of the carnage Labour has left throughout Scotland. What’s more they managed to do it in little under half a century and with far fewer ‘troops’ on the ground. “Bayonet the wounded” indeed!

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