For A’ That 36 – What Does It Mean?

BD4WCPjCMAE_0ly.jpg largeFor the 36th episode of For A’ That, Andrew and I were joined by James Maxwell and Peter Geoghegan.

First topic up was the by-election in Dunfermalino. Predictable result given the circumstances or should we be reading more into it? Why don’t the Greens do better?

The next topic was Grangemouth and this broadened into a larger discussion about nationalisation.

Finally, we got onto the definitions that are being used about what is happening in Scotland. Separation? Independence? Constitutional Change? Which of these, if any, really sums up what is going on?

Hope you enjoy…

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The Labour photoshoppy thing to which I referred, in which they are attempting to be funny, is below…

BXL8iDcCQAAmHY3.jpg large

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