The Rubber Dodo Awards

This is the press release for this year’s Rubber Dodo Awards…
Center for Biological Diversity

Dear Michael,

Rubber Dodo Award
  Cast your vote by Oct. 30!

It’s time to pick the most outrageous eco-villain of 2013 — and we need your help. Click here to cast your vote!

The Center for Biological Diversity established the Rubber Dodo award in 2007 as a way to spotlight those who do their very best — that is, their worst — to destroy wild places and drive species to extinction. The award, named after the most famous extinct species on Earth, is given out every fall.

Previous recipients of this prestigious faux-accolade include climate denier Sen. James Inhofe (2012), BP CEO Tony Hayward (2010), polar bear foe Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (2008) and Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne (2007), who set a record low in the number of plants and animals he placed on the endangered species list.

This year has brought many threats to imperiled species and wildlands and many deserving winners to choose from. Vote now and invite your friends. Voting closes at midnight Oct. 30.


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Here are the Center’s top four 2013 nominations:

Doc HastingsRep. Doc Hastings: Hastings is the ringleader in a group of right-wing Republicans tearing into the Endangered Species Act to erode wildlife protection. The Washington state congressman has repeatedly called the Act a failure and has organized a series of fear-mongering hearings to give industry profiteers and anti-government idealogues a forum to complain bitterly about this landmark law — despite strong factual evidence showing it has been 99 percent successful at saving plants and animals from extinction and has put hundreds of species on the road to recovery.
Koch BrothersKoch Brothers: Where to start with the super-secretive, ultra-rich Koch brothers, Charles and David? Their profligate spending on campaigns to give polluters free rein? Their bankrolling of the Tea Party and other forces flailing to block any sane approach to the climate crisis? Their footing of the bill for anti-wolf demagoguery? The ultimate goal always seems to boil down to this: The Kochs will do whatever it takes to ease the path of big corporations — including those who mine and drill our public lands relentlessly for maximum private profit — to pollute more, fatten their bank accounts, destroy wild places and put the planet’s future at risk.
Russ GirlingKeystone XL Booster/TransCanada CEO Russ Girling: No single project in the United States poses more risk to our climate, endangered wildlife and environment than TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline. If it’s built, the 1,700-mile pipeline will facilitate the burning of so much fossil fuel that a leading climate researcher says it will be “game over” for avoiding climate catastrophe. The pipeline will also put more than a dozen endangered species in harm’s way, including whooping cranes and northern swift foxes, and pose a danger to hundreds of rivers and streams. The State Department estimates the pipeline could spill up to 34,000 gallons of tar sands oil each year. For TransCanada, though, Keystone’s just a pipeline for more profits.
Wayne LaPierreNational Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre: When it comes throwing a tantrum over common-sense measures to save wildlife from lead poisoning (to say nothing of stopping high-powered guns from going into the hands of maniacs), no one does it better than NRA Grand Poobah Wayne Lapierre. LaPierre and Co. pitch a fit every time a serious conversation starts about phasing toxic lead out of hunting ammunition. Millions of birds and other animals — including highly endangered condors and iconic bald eagles — are poisoned yearly after scavenging on carcasses containing lead-bullet fragments. The NRA and its cronies in Congress, though, have time and again stepped in to stop any attempt to curb these totally preventable poisoning deaths. The NRA loves scare tactics. Wildlife? Not so much.


The 2013 Rubber Dodo Award winner will be chosen after voting closes at midnight on Oct. 30.

Make sure to cast your vote, share this on Facebook and invite your friends to vote, too. And don’t forget: You can also write in your own choice for the winner.

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Please cast your electronic ballot by October 30, 2012.

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Photo credits:  Rep. Hastings courtesy, Koch Brothers courtesy, Russ Girling courtesy U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Wayne LaPierre courtesy Flickr./Gage Skidmore.

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