The Scottish Independence Podcast 33 – Paul Leinster

7c305aa4d2f6fae002a8cad2328fb411For the second episode of this week (first one here) I spoke to Paul Leinster, who is a member of both Labour For Indy and Republic Scot.

We talked about the Labour For Indy group itself and the hostile reaction to it by some within the (not for Indy) Labour party. And what was that photo scandal/storm in a teacup/ made up p*sh all about?

We also talked about Republic Scotland and how much support they receive within and outwith Holyrood. Is it certain we will keep the monarchy after a Yes vote?

Finally we spoke about Paul himself and why someone who is a member of the Labour party, and was once a unionist, was first convinced by the arguments (economic and more) to vote independence and then further to actively campaign for it.

NB. When I said there is a document called “Why This Matters” it was a slip of the tongue. PART of the document is called “Why This Matters” as I explained here (before recording).


Hope you enjoy…

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