Why Always This Way?

a4_booYesterday the Scottish Green Party voted that in the event of Independence, there should be a separate Scottish currency. This vote shows that there is strength in depth at Yes Scotland as the groups within the umbrella organisation have shown their ability to represent a number of views and options that would be available after a Yes vote in next year’s referendum.

Would it come as a surprise to you that this positive reporting was NOT how the Scotsman covered the story.

Let’s try it with a much more neutral tone.

Yesterday the Scottish Green party internally voted for an independent Scottish currency in the event of a Yes vote in next year’s referendum. The Green party, who have only 2 MSPs and are therefore unlikely to be the sole arbiters of this decision given a Yes vote, are in line with many economists and activists in this view, though the SNP and other campaign groups such as Business for Scotland would prefer to keep UK sterling as the currency. 

I think that is a bit more factual but how do you think it was covered in the Scotsman?

Yes, you guessed it.. Shock! Horror! Disaster for Yes campaign!

Greens CurrencyThe decision to cover things in the way they do is an editorial decision, not a journalistic necessity.

Never forget it.


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