An Education, with Glenn Greenwald

I’ve rarely had so much fun watching a Newsnight interview.

In the course of this interview Glenn Greenwald patiently explains the following to Kirsty Wark – and all of them seem to come as new information or new ideas for her…

  • What journalism is for
  • All government claims are not necessarily true
  • How human beings make (or should make) decisions

However, aside from the simple things he spells out for her, this is really a remarkable interview as it shows everything that can be good about journalism up against everything that can be bad about it.

One person is trying to expose government duplicity and the other is frantically trying to defend it or deflect away from it. On this evidence the BBC could have taught Pravda a thing or two.

Furthermore, after having lost the debate, she moves on to trying to ramp up the scariness of crossing one’s overlords…




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