The Scottish Independence Podcast – Independence Rally Sep 23 2014

BU1i-umCIAAcBWZThis is a special edition of the podcast featuring some music, some opinions from the crowd and some of the speeches from the Independence Rally in Edinburgh on 21st September 2014.

The idea is to give those of you who were there a nice little keepsake of it, and for those like me who were unfortunate enough not to be able to make it, to give an idea of what weBUrkKWvCMAAp12ant on.

I’m well aware of course that the best thing about going to this type of political event is not the speeches, but rather the people you meet and the camaraderie. However, it’s quite difficult to put that onto an MP3 so this is the best I can do for the podcast!

There are many speakers featured including four who have featured on the podcast before (Carolyn Leckie, Patrick Harvie, Colin Fox, Alan Bissett). There were also contributions from Elaine C Smith, Hardeep Singh Kholi and many others.

Songs include work by Citizen Smart, as well as someone playing in the street!

Hope you enjoy…


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