For A’ That 35 – Catalonia & Back

1347431389-catalonia-sees-the-biggest-separatist-demonstration-in-history_1439540For our 35th episode Andrew and I were joined by James Maxwell and Kate Higgins.

James has been over to Catalonia to see what’s happening in their independence campaign. Can parallels be drawn between what’s happening there and what is happening in Scotland? Moreover, SHOULD parallels be drawn between Scotland and the various other independent movements around the world, or is our situation unique?

A lot of people were asking where Johann Lamont was during the summer. Well, she came back with an errrm, interesting accusation in last week’s FMQs. What does this say about the Labour press department and more widely their strategy and competence.

The new Scottish budget came out this week. Is Swinney doing well? How difficult is it to keep the wheels turning in the face of what is (or isn’t) coming from Westminster.

Finally, a year to go! How are you going to spend it?

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