For A’ That 33 – Cheerleading For Change

For the 33rd episode of the For A’ That podcast Andrew and I were joined by Thomas Widmann who blogs about the Indy debate, from a Scandinavian perspective (he is a Dane but has lived in Scotland for more than 10 years) at Arc of Prosperity. 531088_441471862597493_952969092_n

As we took last week off there was a lot to get through.

Our first topic was the Bulmer £100 story.

We then moved on to the recent poll by YouGov – was it disappointing or disappointingly done?

“Undecideds” are a big point of discussion – who the hell are they?

We had a few things to say about the Bill Walker story and not all of them were complimentary.

We reserved the same kind of analysis that we gave to the royal baby story for the threat that Scotland could be kicked out of the Commonwealth if it became independent.

We also had time to discuss the rather bizarre statement by James MacMillan and his dispute with National Collective.

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