The Scottish Independence Podcast 30 – Stephen Noon

931817151The guest for the 30th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast was Stephen Noon.

Stephen works for Yes Scotland and is also doing a PhD in European Law. You can find his blog here and he is on twitter here.

Stephen has consistently called for positivity in the campaign, notwithstanding the onslaught that the Yes campaign has faced. I asked him why.

We also talked about why Yes Scotland is winning in two out of three of the main pillars of the discussion.

Can we try to force more fairness into the debate? We had a word about that too.

Finally, we got round to talking about Scotland and the EU. Will we be forced to join the Euro? Will there be problems joining? How does that compare with somewhere like Catalonia?

Hope you enjoy…

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CLARIFICATION – Stephen contacted me just after the podcast went up to correct one point. Sir David Edward, in his opinion, was arguing against the need for a new Accession Treaty (the process used for new states joining the EU). As discussed in the podcast, Scottish membership would be dealt with through amendment of the existing Treaties. The opinion does not refer to an IGC.

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