Purdah-n Me For Saying So

The independence referendum’s purdah period, which prevents government from announcing new legislation, will begin when Holyrood is still sitting.

The plan will form part of the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill, which has cleared a key committee stage.

Purdah will start on 21 August 2014, but Holyrood will not go into recess until 23 August.

As far as I understand it, this means that there will be a 2 day period in Holyrood where they won’t be saying or doing much.

Could I therefore make the suggestion that they cram all the First Minister’s Questions sessions between then and now into those two days – and if the same overlap exists in Westminster they should do it there too.

That way they can put all the time-wasting into those two days and use the other time more usefully.


One comment

  1. My hope for Scotland and the UK is that some Scots will wake up to the realisation that there needs to be more political choice than is currently available. The choice between English subsidiaries and the SNP doesn’t truly reflect the full political spectrum of the country. There needs to be a Scottish voice arguing the case for continued devolution and union. If, after both sides have had their say, the Scots still choose to follow the path to independence we would wish them well and be excited for their future. But if independence is simply the ultimate demonstration of the enduring Scottish inferiority complex, the country will lose its raison d’être the moment it breaks the union.

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