American Officials Say…

BBC frontGiven the events that are unfolding and are about to unfold in Syria, I think this little clip from a lecture by Robert Fisk is rather important to keep in mind.

I just screen grabbed BBC front page. I’d advise you to watch the little video and then look through the stories on the BBC front page (and in the other main media sources in the USA and in the UK).

Keep an eye open for how often the sources are directly or indirectly from the respective governments. No one else seems to get consulted unless it is a columnist who basically agrees with whatever action will be taken (remember Andrew Marr saying that the “victory” in Iraq would silence Blair’s critics and the anti-war movement?) or a journalist who seems to want to perv over weaponry.

Be careful for the ways in which the direct government sources are quoted but not quoted directly. For example “the US says” which is shorthand for “American Officials Say” makes it sound as if the whole country, in one voice, is speaking in support of this action.

Watch the video first, and then go trawling the stories…  you’ll be surprised…


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