For A’ That 32 – Democratic Deficit(s)

For the 32nd episode of the For A’ That podcast, Andrew and I were joined by Juliet Swann who is a feminist and environmentalist who beard-facts-640x556happens to work for the Electoral Reform Society.

She also did a turn for the Women For Indy Voices project this week.

We talked about the interesting work that this society has been doing and the Democracy Max initiative. How can we improve our democracy, regardless of a Yes or No vote. We know what the usual commentators think, but what have the public been telling the electoral reform society.

What about the William McIlvanney statement this week? Was it notable in and of itself or was the coverage it received more worthy of analysis?

The wacky world of Willie Rennie’s logic gets a quick look in and we also talk about the possibilities provided by beard ownership.

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Michael Greenwell

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