For A’ That 31 – Polls & Goals

741312140For the 31st episode of the For A’ That podcast, Andrew and I were joined by journalist Peter Geoghegan.

On the menu this week was the crowd-funded poll commissioned by Wings Over Scotland and conducted by Panelbase that many in the media seem intent on ignoring.

We chewed over the ramifications of some of the results.

We also thought it worthwhile to discuss Michael Kelly’s article in the Scotsman, in which I felt he was exhibiting first class kamikaze politics – Andrew and Peter weren’t so sure of that, but they were reasonably sure about Kelly.

We discussed how Peter felt about the article in the Huffington Post that caused a little discussion this week. We tried to explain the point to Andrew, who hadn’t read it. This proved problematic as we weren’t actually sure what her point was.

Andrew and I also revealed our history of scandalous confrontations with Children’s TV.

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Michael Greenwell


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