The Scottish Independence Podcast 29 – Ivan McKee

Iivanvan McKee is a businessman and a member of Business For Scotland and he is the guest for the 29th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast.

In our conversation we talked about what advantages there will be for business in an independent Scotland and what the disadvantages of having to go through London are.

We also talked about the origins of the Business for Scotland group itself and how it is a4_skintland_bquickly growing in strength.

What would be the benefits of setting up an oil fund? How should it be managed?

The Scandinavian model is often cited in the Scottish Independence debate. Would business run away from Scotland if such a model is introduced. Ivan doesn’t think so.

Which lobbying group do Business For Scotland support the broad aims of? I bet it isn’t one you’d be thinking of.

We even threw in a bit about who stands to lose money if Scotland becomes independent.

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Michael Greenwell

P.S. If you’d like to be a contributor to the new 60 Seconds For A New Scotland Podcast, go here and find out what to do.



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