The Scottish Independence Podcast 28 – Paul Larkin

The-Last-Pearl-DiverFor the 28th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Paul Larkin.

Paul is a writer who has made the Amazon bestseller list and is very well-known amongst those of us who support Celtic and is one of the mainstays of Hail Hail media, the Celtic fans very own channel.

For many people however, he’ll be something new on the menu.

We had a very open conversation indeed. It took in the problems that many of the Celtic support have with the SNP, the kinds of conversation Paul is having with the supporters when he speaks to them, positive/negative campaigning and the detachment between people and politicians up and down the UK.

We also got on to his time in New York and what people think about Scotland there and why there has historically been a negative attitude from some Celtic supporters toward the Scottish national team.

Finally, we had a word about Paul’s upcoming book, in which he promises there will be some serious revelations about who pulls what strings in Scotland.

Hope you enjoy…

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Michael Greenwell

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