The Prince of Hot Air

There’s been so much fawning over the royals recently that I thought it was time to have a little word about one of them, the son of this one to be precise, and talk about the kind of influence they can have. BQUwtE3CAAAaEaO.jpg large

He’s much more famous for his comments about architecture, or smearing blood on the foreheads of his children after going hunting, but there is a lot of worrying stuff surrounding the Prince of Wales and alternative medicine.

I’ll let the Guardian continue the story (bold is mine)…

Draft guidance for the website NHS Choices warning that there is no evidence that homeopathy works was suppressed by officials following lobbying by a charity set up by the Prince of Wales.

Homeopathy, which involves the use of remedies so heavily diluted with water that they no longer contain any active substance, is “rubbish”, said chief medical officer Sally Davies in January to the House of Commons science and technology committee. She added that she was “perpetually surprised” that homeopathy was available in some places on the NHS.

But the government’s NHS Choices website, which is intended to offer evidence-based information and advice to the public on treatments, does not reflect her view. A draft page that spelled out the scientific implausibility of homeopathic remedies was neutered by Department of Health officials. It is now uncritical, with just links to reports on the lack of evidence.

Part of the original draft which was later altered after pressure from lobbying groups said this…

Mattin’s original draft said: “There is no good quality clinical evidence to show that homeopathy is more successful than placebo in the treatment of any condition … Furthermore, if the principles of homeopathy were true it would violate all the existing theories of science that we make use of today; not just our theory of medicine, but also chemistry, biology and physics.”

The Guardian of course points out that there is no proof that Chuck was in any way involved in the lobbying done for the homeopathy industry.

He did however have a “complementary health charity” at one point. Did you see what happened to it?

The Prince of Wales’s complementary health charity ceased operating today following the exposure this week of an alleged fraud and money-laundering scandal at the organisation.

The trustees of the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health, of which Prince Charles is president, said last night they had brought forward a planned decision to wind up the charity as a result of a continuing police investigation by Scotland Yard.

There is something a little strange here though, even if it comes from two different incidents. Guardian story 13th Feb 2013 “There is no evidence that Prince Charles was involved personally in the lobbying.” Guardian story 30th Apr 2010 Prince Charles personally lobbied health ministers to embrace complementary medicine across the NHS and is known to have pressed his case with the Labour government’s first health secretary, FrankThomas Paine Royalty Dobson, and its most recent, Andy Burnham.”

I don’t know if he has personally lobbied for one thing or another or not. The Guardian at one point says he did, and at another says there is “no evidence” that he did (which isn’t the same thing as saying that he didn’t). There have certainly been other accusations.

But what I want to say with this is that he clearly is a man who has influence and going round using that influence to back the idea that washing your arse with coffee and drinking fruit juice is a reasonable method of curing cancer is perhaps not a responsible use of that influence.

It’s all just worth bearing in mind the next time you hear a royal correspondent giving them such wonderful publicity or see the Prime Minister giving them a pay rise.

This one is supposed to be the next King.



  1. Interestingly, Private Eye was after a list of the times legislation was changed under the Royal Consultation process…and answer there came none!

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