The Scottish Independence Podcast 27 – Bill Ramsay

war protestFor the 27th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Bill Ramsay.

He is an activist for the EIS, the oldest teachers union in the world. Aside from that, he has some very interesting views about the UK government’s plans to have ceremonies/celebrations of the BEGINNING of the First World War.

The end, ok. The beginning? It’s a curious position.

It was very much a discussion in two parts though, and the other part was to do with the unions. Will they go Indy? Will they declare pro-union? It’s a complicated story.

Hope you enjoy it…

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Michael Greenwell



  1. The traditional association of trade unions in Scotland and the United Kingdom as a whole with the British Labour Party , which is campaigning against Scottish independence, has not resulted in an outright declaration of support for the Union from leading trade unions. The Scottish Trades Union Congress refused an offer to join the Better Together campaign in 2012.

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