For A’ That 26 – Shamrocks And Weddings

fuck-yeah-tumblr_kz34uszypb1qaty6po1_400For the 26th episode of For A’ That, Andrew and I were joined by Peter McColl, who is the Rector of Edinburgh University and a member of the Green Party.

Up for discussion were the recent moves in the Church of Scotland over permitting gay clergy and the Scottish Parliament dragging its heels over the issue of equal marriage, what’s going on there?

Secondly, Andrew feels that it might be more useful to draw parallels with Ireland in the independence debate, rather than as is usually done with Scandinavia. What could be the reasons for a certain reluctance to do so?

Peter and Andrew held court as I waited to get into my stride after a hosting a Champions League final party the night before recording.

We also got on to discussing the extra 5 million pounds the BBC is going to pump into its Scottish politics/referendum coverage.

What kind of output can we expect? I was somewhat skeptical given the historical functions and output of the BBC, Andrew wondered if I wasn’t being unnecessarily gloomy about the possibilities.

Hope you enjoy…

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Michael Greenwell


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