For A’ That 25 – Debating The Point

CorporatePestControlFor episode 25 of For A’ That Andrew and I were joined by Kate Higgins of the Burdzeyeview blog and others.

It was unfortunately unavoidable to talk about Farage, so we did.

We also spoke about the recent TV debates. Entertainment or real debate? Enlightening or just sound and fury? BBC or STV?

Kate spoke about the new victims and witnesses bill that is coming up and this moved us on to topics apart from the referendum. Should we be doing that more? That’s “we” in the sense of the podcast and “we” as in the sense of the people.

Finally, it’s about time someone gave Walt Disney what for, the question is, should it have been me or should Alex Salmond be doing it?

(The documentary I referenced is called “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” and if you want to watch it, the full thing is HERE.)

Hope you enjoy…

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Michael Greenwell

Oh and in case you were wondering, the outro is in honour of our guest, who was tweeting about Eurovision the other night.


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