Disaster Capitalism – The Old & New

The horrifying events in Ohio brought with them two shocking examples of profiteering from tragedy. They are both in this screengrab, which comes from this report. See if you can spot them…

Not Good

Now the actions of Sylvia Browne have come under some fire. Probably not enough if you ask me. She has predictably trotted out some weak defences of her actions and shown the customary lack of shame that psychics, spiritualists and the like show when their claims are shown to be tripe.

Her kind of profiteering is as old as the hills. The one that seemed somewhat new to me is the third bullet point above.

Why do they want to contact him? This is speculation of course but could it be for the purposes of sticking him in an advert?

If so, that would be almost, but not quite as disgraceful as the profiteering behaviour of Browne and her ilk.


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