For A’ That 23 – Feeling Threatened?

761953873For our first For A’ That episode for 2 weeks we were joined by former journalist Stewart Kirkpatrick, who is now the head of digital at Yes Scotland (he was speaking in a personal capacity).

Three non-economists spoke about the currency debate. Andrew wondered if there are more than just economic concerns that come into play when the matter is discussed. Stewart hoped that the UK govt will see sense when the time comes and I went off on one.

How did you feel about George Osborne coming north and trying to give the natives a good slap-down? We discussed what effects, benefits and possible drawbacks there were to the move.

On the subject of threats, did the campaign all get too nasty this week? We had an interesting chat with Stewart about the determination of the official campaign to stay positive and its motivation for that.

Finally, the rise of UKIP. What does it all mean for the UK, for England and for the independence debate in Scotland?

Also, for some as yet unknown reason, it sounds like someone locked me in a cupboard for the last 3 minutes. No cupboards were harmed in the making of this podcast.

Hope you enjoy…

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Michael Greenwell


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