For A’ That 22 – Labouring Away

BGTw04BCQAIgNH8.jpg largeFor episode 22 of the For A’ That podcast Andrew and I were joined by New Statesman contributor James Maxwell and Huffington Post blogger and Labour Party member Andrew Smith.

The Labour party was the focus of a large part of the discussion. More specifically, the couple of interviews that Johann Lamont did this week and her speech at the conference. This became a more general discussion on some of the woes of that party in the post-devolution era.

We also discussed their new Truth Team and what that says about politics in this country. Some of us felt this had a kind of Orwellian overtone to it, others felt it represented the Americanisation of politics in Scotland and the UK and is reminiscent of American style attack ads.

Devo-somethings were also a topic. With the three Better Together parties now all backing some form of further devolution, will they be able to come up with a unified plan. Furthermore, would further devolution damage or in fact strengthen the SNP’s hand.

Back on Labour, is the idea of more devolution causing a problem between the Westminster party and the Holyrood one?

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Michael Greenwell

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