Saturday Matinee 23 – Control Room

This is an interesting documentary from 2004 about the Al-Jazeera network.

It focuses on a few different areas such as Al Jazeera’s role in Arab society, bias in the media and notably the killing of Al-Jazeera journalists in Iraq.

The other films in this series are here.



  1. I have a lot of time for Al-Jazeera and I watch it in preference to any UK News channel.
    It knocks them into a cocked hat. The UK News Channels and news reports are all London centric and very parochial. Al-Jazeera gives you world news albeit with their own slant.
    My wife was doing her ironing and listening to it recently and she piped up after a half hour and asked me what I was watching as she found their reporting interesting and informative. We are both SNP and will Vote ‘Yes’

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