For Your Listening Pleasure – 1 – Against The Grain

For a while I’ve been meaning to do a little something on other podcasts that I think are worthy of note.

This is because as well as making my own (if you’d like to donate to that by the way, the button is on the right of this page), I rather like the medium and think there are a lot of good things out there that don’t get enough exposure. Therefore, I’d like to add what little I can by way of listeners to some of these people.

First up in the series is the Against The Grain podcast. If you like your politics heavy and very much to the left, then I am sure you will enjoy this one (NB – don’t be expecting a laugh a minute).


Sometimes it goes on very practical matters, and other episodes are more academic or philosopical in nature.

To give you a feel for an episode one I downloaded a while ago but only listened to this morning was with philosopher Steven Vogel who started out interestingly by saying that the concept of alienation from the natural world, that we all think we understand the meaning of, is problematic at best.

As I said, comedy is not its strong point.

He went on to explain that much of the misunderstanding comes from the fact that we use two different meanings of the word natural/nature – one where the opposite is supernatural and the other where the opposite  is the word artificial. What is more,  we tend to slide between them when we talk about alienation.

The problem comes because in the first sense of natural, everything that humans do must by definition be natural, whereas with the second definition, as it is applied to mean things that haven’t been touched by humans, everything (or almost everything) that we do is by definition unnatural. Without a clear definition of what you mean by natural, the concept of alienation from nature or the natural world is therefore at best difficult and at worst meaningless.

I won’t ruin the episode for you, that was just the opening shot.

I don’t listen to every episode as some of them are very US specific. However, many have a global outlook and are well worth your time and I do listen to most of them.

Avg Length for an episode is about 50 minutes.

This is the homepage.


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