Still Confident

cameron-bullingdon-clubI still think the referendum will return a Yes vote in 2014 even though the polls aren’t swinging so quickly.

Looking through the archives here however, I found this quote from the Alasdair Gray book The Fall of Kelvin Walker and I just wondered if the reason the polls haven’t swung around so quickly is partly this…

“Don’t you understand, Kelvin? Haven’t you got the point? All these chairmen and directors and governors and politicians, they’re all confidence tricksters. Nobody but a fool thinks they they’re more virtuous than the rest of us, and you’ve pointed out yourself that they don’t even know more. Then why do they get up there? Because most people are so afraid of running their own lives that they feel frightened when there’s no-one to bully them. So we get a gang of bullies and tricksters ordering us about and getting very well paid for it.




  1. If all those listed are indeed perceived as confidence tricksters then who will convince the public, either way?

    I don’t think the public is, as yet, fully engaged with the debate.

    1. The public is not engaged with the debate at all. It is too far in the future to worry about. And so far there has not been any debate. The NO camp just keep making outrageous statements about Independence which no one believes, and the YES camp gives the NO boys little meaningless titbits of what they might do now and again to keep them foaming at the mouth. The REAL debate won’t begin till the last few weeks before the Referendum.

  2. As a corollary to that and based on my time at the executive level in a large Company I always say that … what matters it is not what you know but what you can kid others to believe that you know … also called bullshitting, plus a large dollop of luck in being in a certain place at the right time. Most of my peers, and me, are no better than anyone else with our experience, education and knowledge, but we sure as hell are all good at the bullshitting.

  3. You’re right that it is far too early for anyone to be predicting a result. From an initial yes position I’m wavering but I don’t think there’ll be any clarity from politicians. Disagreeing on everything is predictable but unedifying. We pretty much know what the aftermath of a no vote will entail but so far we don’t know our future in the EU or our currency in the event of a yes. As well as being a socialist (small s) country, Scotland is also conservative (small c) one. Unless the Yes campaign can give us some more idea of what a yes means then that could work against change.

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