For A’ That 21 – The Ex PM & Libel

BHXR7EaCIAA_ben.jpg largeFor episode 21 of the For A’ That podcast, Andrew and I were joined by Peter Bell.

We talked about the passing of Thatcher from a number of different perspectives including historical revisionism, her legacy (and what should be done about it) and were the parties unseemly or not? Andrew spoke about how Scotland may not have been quite as clearly anti-Thatcher as some would like to have us believe.

The second major story of the week was the legal letters that were sent to the people who run Wings Over Scotland and National Collective. On this we spoke more about what this says about the campaign in general that we have so quickly come to such a situation. This got us talking about donations in general and how parties should manage them.

I also made a nice little intro…

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Michael Greenwell


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