Criticism In Unexpected Places

Amid the constant stream of “possibly divisive, but a hero nonetheless” sort of stuff that is coming out just now trying to resurrect she-who-must-not-be-named, I just stumbled on a rather surprising little bit of BBC output.

Five Live did a special called “Thatcher And Sport” yesterday, and if you can get over Dave Whelan and the other guy at the start, it turns out to be a rather critical and honest piece. They do try a little resurrection (metaphorically speaking, don’t panic) at the end but for the most part it is quite good.

Obviously, by only talking about the sporting aspect all they could bring up was Hillsborough, ID cards, covering up for the police, South Africa and Apartheid and a few other major outrages. This means they didn’t get round to the miners, milk, Pinochet, any other number of dictators, destroying the unions, selling off the country to the highest bidder, saying feminism was poison, the damage done to the media, Zircon, the poll tax, the Falklands, Northern Ireland, Greenham Common…

You can download it here.



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