For A’ That 20 – Immigration & Sporran Policy

1086For the 20th episode of the For A’ That podcast, Andrew and I were joined by Caron Lindsay from the Liberal Democrats and Douglas McLellan, who is possibly the most right-wing member of the Green Party.

I was also joined by six new additions which prevented me from making an answer decently at one point, but there you go.

On the menu this week were immigration policy and how things might be different in that regard. Foreign policy was also up for discussion again, and it got a bit heated.

Ruth Davidson’s recent conversion to the cause of further devolution came up – what was behind this volte-face?

If the better together parties came up with a semi-plausible/believable devolution plan, how would this affect the debate?

Does the SNP have a tendency to centralisation? This and some of their other motivations and policy pronouncements came under scrutiny.

Douglas also took the opportunity to explain why he ended up in the same party as Patrick Harvie.

Finally, Caron had an 80s party to go to, so that explains the introductory song.

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Michael Greenwell


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