The Scottish Independence Podcast 20 – Rev Stu Campbell (From Wings Over Scotland)

Last Thursday, for episode 20 of The Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with the Rev Stu Campbell from the Wings Over Scotland website.

6fg3jcAoagaG9vL4C3caTkEmuYhh4That website has now become so popular it is not merely an observer of, but could even be considered an actor (my words, not his) on, the Scottish political stage.

Strangely, given that introduction, one of the things we talked about was the pretty poor behaviour of Scottish politicians when they are (metaphorically at least) on the big stage.

We also talked about the site itself and what was the motivation for it, and Stu filled some of that mysterious history of his too.

Whether or not Yes Scotland should be trying to be more aggressive or not came up, as did the (mis)fortunes and (mis)adventures of Scottish Labour.

We came up with some reasons to be optimistic even though polls aren’t showing Indy in the lead yet – they didn’t involve pandas.

Finally, will some of the overtly pro-union media jump ship?

Wings Logo

Hope you enjoy…

As usual, this is the direct download link (right click and save as)

You can listen to the show online at its web page

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Michael Greenwell



  1. Excellent podcast. Pity he lives outwith Scotland. Agree with every word. Will tune into spread regularly from now on. E from B

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