For A’ That 18 – From Shetland To Cyprus (with Natalie McGarry)

For the 18th episode of the For A’ That podcast Andrew and I were joined once more by Natalie McGarry who is standing for the European Parliament this week.

741312140We discussed a rather unfair measure Europe seems to be imposing this week and for the second time in 3 weeks I was sort-of-accused of being wealthy.

We then got on to Natalie‘s run at the European parliament and how she feels about it.

Shetland’s independence movement got a look in and we tried to see where all this was coming from.

Andrew was more than a little bit concerned about the recent report regarding media regulation in Scotland and I think it is fair to say Natalie and I shared his concerns.

Finally, we talked about where we thought the various parties and politicians actually stand on human rights issues and how much of it is just opportunism or hot air, or indeed both.

The sound quality isn’t magnificent in a couple of parts.

Please send complaints to:

The Get Bloody Decent Broadband As A National Right Committee

If you want to know how that tune at the beginning really finished, I suggest you do a youtube search for “Vatican Broadside”.

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Michael Greenwell


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