For A’ That 17 – Who’s Watching?

For the 17th episode of the For A’ That podcast, Andrew and I were joined by Lynda Williamson from the Newsnet Scotland site, and whom you may know as snowthisa9fba11e93123638a7030256209408f7tle.

Up for discussion were Alistair Darling’s problems with constitutions, why Lynda is considering going Green or not and the call for election observers to be brought in to observe the Scottish Referendum. We also talked about what difference it might make if they do come.

This led on to a discussion of how the media influences people in their political opinions.

We talked about our hopes for making Richard Branson just go away. This was part of a wider discussion on the oft-repeated (and not just in Scotland) claim that higher taxes would make business leaders leave the country.

Andrew also had an interesting question as to whether or not public figures should be held to higher moral standards than mere mortals such as you and I.

Finally, we talked about something silly we all got in our mailshots this week.

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Michael Greenwell



  1. O/T but honestly I’m all over the place with the Indy podcasts. You were speaking to Michael Hance of the Scottish Language centre recently (Excellent podcast btw). Is there a case for persuading all the usual suspects of Scottish political blogging to have a Scots ‘word of the week’ chosen by Michael H, publicised thro the SLC and perhaps also the Scottish Word of the Day FB site, which they have to work into their posts? Be a bit of fun and might get words like ‘ilka’ a bit of exposure among the Scots political chattering classes (watch as everyone reading a LPW or Rev Stu blog post dashes to the Scots-English dictionary to discover the meaning of anent or the like…) Might be preaching to the choir, but I’m not convinced even the pro-Indy community all have a good grounding in Scots and even those who do might find something new.

  2. Happy you’re enjoying the podcasts, and thanks.

    I think that is a great idea and could try to do something myself along those lines. I might mention it on a future podcast but I feel trying to organise it centrally might be a bit like herding cats.

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