“I Don’t Have To Think, I’m British”

BEwyo1xCYAAp-sR.jpg largeI was recently speaking to someone who has been out working for the YES campaign and I’ve got a couple of little anecdotes from the campaign trail for you that are illustrative, if somewhat depressing.

I’ll let person X tell the stories….

Was out putting leaflets through doors, went into this old folks development. There were a couple of old boys out enjoying the sun who introduced themselves as ardent unionists. One actually asked me what Scotland would do if, post independence, Westminster cut our block grant. The look on his face when I politely explained that Westminster would have no control over taxation or spending was priceless.

This makes me think we have some explaining to do about what YES actually means. The second however…

The other cracker I had when I was out leafleting in the High Street was when I asked someone who was intending to vote no to think about the consequences of voting no, they replied “I don’t have to think, I’m British”.

Oh dear.

Thirdly and finally this one seemed like it was going well until…

I had a long and thoughtful conversation with an English gentleman about the benefits of English regionalisation and the horrific impacts of the welfare reforms in both England and Scotland. He then asked me if I had a personal relationship with God and invited me to his Church.

Person X was however quick to point out that these were the exceptions and this kind of thing has been very rare. X further points out that the problem is that so many people still don’t realise that so much of the MSM output is naked propaganda.

Have you got any more of these? I think I would like to compile them. Please let me know if you have any others.


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