For A’ That 16 – Putting Rights To Right

Pat KaneFor this unusually wednesdayed episode of For A’ That, Andrew and I were joined by writer Pat Kane of Thoughtland. I believe he once had a band too (here he is doing something with white paint, or rather having something done to him with white paint).

Up for discussion this week were the Luxembourg Foreign Minister’s little intervention (or not), how offensive is the offensive behaviour bill, wee Dougie’s speech this week and a more general look at the the media and how strange it seems that none of them seem willing to take the plunge and go Indy, even though this may reap some financial rewards.

In the middle of all that, Andrew changes the normal question around at one point  by asking what exactly Theresa May finds intolerable, instead of asking the normal question, which is “Exactly how intolerable is Theresa May?”

Finally, at one point Andrew conjures up a hideous image but he shouldn’t be so offended – a list of 100 best green bloggers once had me put directly beneath Peter Tatchell…which is not a place I’d ever imagined I’d find myself.

As usual, this is the direct download link (right click and save as)

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Michael Greenwell

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