A Lot Of Rubbish Will Be Televised

With the death of Hugo Chavez the bullsh*t-spinning is likely to be so fast that it will create some strange gravitational interactions. Pundits will be mysteriously pulled towards TV and radio stations to talk about this man who was supposedly a menace to “our” way of life, whoever “we” is supposed to be.

If I were you, if you want a better idea of some of the things that went on in Venezuela, I would watch either or both of these two documentaries.

The first is Chavez: Inside The Coup otherwise titled The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. This is a documentary from Irish station RTE which documents the goings on around the attempt in a right-wing coup to topple Chavez. The second one (they are both below) is John Pilger’s wonderful documentary The War On Democracy, which still brings a lump to the throat every time you see it…


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