The Scottish Independence Podcast 18 – Ruaridh & Keith Waddell

Poverty“Dodging riots and tear gas in Livingstone today. There is a by-election tomorrow and the leader of the opposition has been arrested and charged with inciting violence, personally I think Mrs Lamont should watch out as she does that every Thursday afternoon.”

I just got that email from the latest guests on the Scottish Independence Podcast when I emailed them to tell them I was just about to publish their episode.

The guests are Ruaridh and Keith Waddell who are Scottish aid workers who have been in Zambia for some time.

It’s important to consider not only the good things we could get or do at home as an independent nation, but also the good we could do abroad. The conversation we had considered how our aid policy could be better than that currently offered by the United Kingdom, which often used aid to suit some more Machiavellian aims.

We spoke about what they are doing over in Zambia and we also talked about the role of Scots in the British Empire, and how is not as clear cut as some people like to present it.

Furthermore, we had a chat about some, and one in particular, of the less well-known independence movements that can be found around the world. People tend to know about Catalonia and Quebec and so forth but I’d be prepared to bet most ofyou haven’t heard of this one.


As usual, this is direct download link (right click and save as)

You can listen on the show’s homepage.

Or you can subscribe through itunes.

PS. This is the advert I mentioned in the podcast that they decided you weren’t mature enough to make your own mind up on.


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