Getting off (non) Scot Free

Photo0043In the current independence debate, any article in the mostly unionist papers tends to get dragged over the coals, sometimes fairly, sometimes not so much so.

However, the broadsheets and some of the tabloids tend to get this treatment, but The Metro seems to go unmentioned.

The Metro comes from Associated Newspapers, which is a subsidiary of the Daily Mail and General Trust, those well-known lovers of freedom, liberty, free movement of peoples and democracy.

Now, when I get the chance I often look at The Metro as I find the letters page often includes some of the best surrealist writing of modern times but I think the stance on Independence is clear. Here are a couple of photos I took on the bus a couple of weeks ago…

Whilst the article isn’t so negative in and of itself, it is worth noting the emblazoning of SEPARATE in the title before switching to ‘independent’ in the text.

The thing about the Metro is the number of people it reaches…

Metro – Metro is the UK’s only urban national newspaper. Launched in March 1999 as a free, stapled newspaper, it was distributed initially in London. But since has been published every weekday morning, around Yorkshire, the North West, the North East, the East Midlands, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff and Glasgow. Metro’s readership is 2.2 million (NRS June ‘07), with over 1.3 million copies printed.

The vast majority of those are of course not in Scotland but it is worth noting that it will reach a large number of people and is therefore as likely to be influencing the debate as any other large paper and therefore, whichever side of the debate you are on, it is probably worth keeping an eye on the metro as well.

I include another photo because you have to love the “I’ll tell you later”.





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