For A’ That 11 – Under The Iron Fist

posterindependencechemistryIt’s been a busy week by any standards in Scottish politics and in this week’s For A’ That Andrew, Osama Saeed and myself tried to get through as much as possible.

Firstly, we had a discussion about how the Independence show is going down in the media abroad. We then moved on to talk about the section 30 debate this week, the pros and cons and having a constitutional debate now or later and what kind of constitution should we be aiming for.

We also found time to talk about the goings on at Glasgow City Council.

I hope you enjoy.

As ever, this is the direct download link (right click and save as)

Or you can go to the show’s homepage and listen online.

For the special intro I did, the credit for the bits of Paxman goes to the man who made this video. (the rest was all me).



  1. Michael, I know you’re very active in the campaign for Scottish Independence. And as an interested outsider – Irish, lived in England for several years, have a couple of close friends who are Scottish – I have to say the argument for independence makes total sense to me. If I were Scottish I’d be campaigning and voting for independence (my Scottish friends certainly are).

    But everything I read about the issue suggests a large majority of Scots will not be voting Yes. Realistically, do you think the referendum will have a positive outcome? And if not, why not? I just don’t see the merits in the opposing argument. Of course, fear of change is always a powerful motivation when people vote (is it just that, do you think?)

    Or do you honestly feel that there will be an independent Scotland in a few years, despite the “evidence” of the polls?

  2. hi Jim

    I think there is still a very strong possibility of a Yes vote. I also think the fact that the media in general is highly hostile to independence is one of the reasons people are negative about the idea and the possibility, but I believe that will change as we get closer.

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