Still Recovering

I don’t know about all of you, but I am still recovering from the shock of last night’s bombshell…

“We have a majority SNP Government in the Scottish Parliament, but that is not a democratic place in the conventional sense; it is a dictatorship of one man sitting in Bute House.

I must be missing something here. I thought there had been elections and so forth?Arbuthnot quotes politics and lies

Maybe what I am missing is in that part about the conventional sense. Could he mean Westminster and The Mother(f*****) of all Parliaments?

What is the convention there? Well, certainly Lord Hailsham described that parliament as an “Elective Dictatorship” because a government there can basically always pass something it really wants to. Funny that down there it can be done also with only around 30-35% of the popular vote too.

That must be more democratic than a government that most people voted for in the popular vote, no?

Alternatively, it may be that I misunderstood the role of the First Minister. Right enough, he hasn’t been speaking to me since I turned the framed photo of him that we’ve all had put in our houses forcibly to face the wall, so I might be a bit behind the times.

Do I need to run out into the street and beat that photo with a shoe in a suspiciously contrived-looking western media liberation scene or something?

On the podcasts we’ve had guests from other parties that must have escaped from the brutal reign of terror in Holyrood. I’m off to try and get a hold of them again and see how they managed to escape.


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