Better Late Than Never

‘The English are a justice-loving people, according to charter and statute; the Scotch are a wrong-resenting race, according to right and feeling: and the character of liberty among them takes its aspect from that peculiarity.’

John Galt

Three and a half years ago I got an email asking if I could give a mention to the bolabposter.jpgok Breaking Up Britain.

That email has been staring me in the face since then, so here it is finally being done when I have just had painkilling injections for an inflamed nerve in my back.

The quote above was from Kevin Williamson’s essay in that book and I find it interesting to think about.

More so is this little piece that Kevin wrote himself…

“…if we look at the leanings of the eight best-known political parties in Scotland a distinct pattern emerges. The four political parties which support an independent Scottish state – the Scottish National Party, Scottish Greens, Scottish Socialist Party and Solidarity – are all to the left of centre, anti-war, anti-imperialist, and are for the dismantling of the nuclear state. The four political parties which support the Union – Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and the British National Party – are all to the right of centre, pronuclear, and imbued with the spirit of Empire. The left-right political division on the question of Scottish independence is not a coincidence.”

 So there is your little taster of Breaking Up Britain. Williamson’s essay is very good.

Contributors: Gerry Adams, Arthur Aughey, Gregor Gall, John Harris, Michael Kenny, Peadar Kirby, Guy Lodge, Inez McCormack, John Osmond, Mike Parker, Lesley Riddoch, Richard Thomson, Vron Ware, Charlotte Williams, Kevin Williamson, Leanne Wood and Salma Yaqoob.


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